Is your car due for its MOT?


At S & E Motor Repairs, we provide a comprehensive MOT preparation service to help you make sure your car is ready for its MOT test. From engine checks and repairs to bodywork, we'll take care of everything. This way, you can go in for your test with confidence - no surprises.


Ensure your car's bodywork is ready for your MOT test

Your car's bodywork is an essential part of your MOT. You need to ensure that there isn't excessive corrosion on sensitive parts of your car, especially the weight-bearing parts like your cross-member.


With this in mind, we'll ensure all the sensitive parts are checked before your MOT test.

• Your car's sills

• Your car's chassis

• Cross-member and pillars

• Door hinges

• Behind your number plates

• The underside of your bonnet

• The underside of your fuel flap

Let's help you prepare your car for its MOT. Call us today on 029 2049 2949.

Our car bodywork MOT preparation

will cover:

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